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Carbon™ Wall Mount Enclosure


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Carbon™ Wall Mount Enclosure is designed for use in network closets, classrooms, and other locations. This wall mount rack houses network switches and patch panels up to 22″ deep. It includes convenient top panel cable access openings, perforated front door and side panels for efficient airflow, adjustable rack angles, and square and threaded mounting holes. The Rack ships fully assembled for quick deployment and can be customized with compatible accessories. It is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

  • Perforated Front Door and Side Panels
    Provides ventilation for small servers and networking equipment.
  • Reversible Door
    Front door has spring loaded hinges and can be easily moved to the opposite side.
  • Quick Release Side Panels
    Lockable side panels can be removed easily for quick access to equipment and cabling.
  • Cable Access Openings
    Slots in the bottom and top provide convenient cable routing to and from the enclosure.
  • Rack Mounting Compatibility
    The Rack is compatible with all EIA-310 compliant 19″ equipment.
  • Adjustable Rack Angles
    Vertical rack angles can be adjusted in 3/4″ increments for mounting depth requirements up to 22.2″. U rack units are numbered front and back for easy equipment installation.
  • Square and Threaded Mounting Holes
    Vertical rack angles have both square and threaded mounting holes, and can be turned easily to change mounting type.
  • Designed for Stability
    A high-precision frame design and heavy gauge mounting rails provide a load rating of 132 lbs.
  • Integrated Electrical Grounding
    Grounding connections are located on the frame for facility ground.
What’s In The Box

Wall Mount Enclosure, Keys, Mounting Hardware, User Manual

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